In these years, massive investments are being made in the development of quantum technology, and it is expected that quantum technology will revolutionize our society over the coming years.

The ultimate goal is the production of a powerful quantum computer, which can play a crucial role in, among other things. development of new medicine, solution of complex optimization problems and cyber security. The quantum computer can make current encryption technologies insecure, but quantum physics can also be used to establish new and more secure communication lines.

New quantum technologies will not only have a significant impact on our daily lives, they will also have a decisive impact on geopolitical developments. The development of quantum technology is therefore one of the highest priority areas for the NATO Alliance. The Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen, together with the Technical University of Denmark, Aarhus University and DFM, has offered NATO to contribute with a quantum technology test center and accelerator site (incubator). This Danish contribution has now been selected by NATO for implementation.

DFM will contribute to the quantum technology test center with the development of new measurement methods within e.g. characterization of nanoscale quantum materials as well as testing of components and systems for quantum encryption and quantum sensing.