National Laboratory of Electrochemistry

DFM is the national laboratory for electrochemistry and one of the best laboratories in the world. Our two main focus areas are pH and conductivity, where we both perform accredited calibrations and produce certified reference materials.

We work constant to develop new services that are in demand by Danish companies but also to improve existing services. Most recently, we have added the area of coulometry to our list of competencies.

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Our areas of competence



  • Calibration of pH equipment
  • Characterization of pH buffers



  • Calibration of conductivity cells
  • Calibration of conductivity measurement systems
  • Characterization of conductivity solutions

    Reference electrode potential


    • Calibration of reference electrodes



    • Coulometry calibrations

    Certified Reference Materials


    • CRM – pH
    • CRM – conductivity



      • Coulometry calibrations

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