Accredited temperature calibrations

DFM’s thermometry laboratories are based on more than 50 years of experience and are the leading laboratories within accredited temperature calibrations in Denmark. The laboratories were founded at DTU RISØ and have since been taken over by DFM. The laboratories are divided into one for contact thermometry and one for non-contact thermometry.

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Contact thermometry


  • Calibration of thermometers
  • Calibration of dry block calibrators
  • Calibration of data loggers
  • Calibration of Pt100 sensors
  • Calibration of thermocouple sensors
  • Calibration of NTC sensors
  • Calibration of transmitters
  • In situ calibrations

Non-contact thermometry


  • Calibration of pyrometers
  • Calibration of calibrators
  • Calibration of thermography cameras
  • Calibration of blackbody
  • Emissivity measurements
  • In situ calibrations

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