Calibrations & precision measurements

Services at the highest level

As a national metrology institute, DFM offers a wide range of measurements and calibration services in various areas at the highest level. We work constant to develop new services that are in demand by Danish companies but also to improve existing services. In addition, we also offer customized measurements and calibrations.


Our calibration laboratories



  • Pressure calibrations
  • Free-field calibrations
  • HF calibrations
  • Reciprocity calibrations
  • Comparison calibrations
  • Actuator response
  • Calibration of pistonphones
  • Calibration of sound calibrators
  • Calibration of ear simulators
  • Acoustic software



  • Calibration of voltage reference standards
  • Voltage calibrations
  • Resistance calibrations
  • Power calibrations



  • Calibration of conductivity cells
  • Calibration of conductivity measurement systems
  • Calibration of reference electrodes
  • Calibration of pH equipment
  • Coulometry calibrations
  • Characterization of conductivity solutions
  • Characterization of pH buffers
  • Certified reference materials



  • Classification of laser
  • Measurements of Relative Intensity Noice (RIN)
  • Calibration of single photon detectors



  • Interferometric calibration of gauge blocks
  • Mechanical calibration of gauge blocks
  • Calibration of distance sensors and actuators
  • Photogrammetry



  • Calibration of weights



  • Calibration of two-dimensional grids
  • Calibration of step height
  • Surface studies
  • Ellipsometric measurements
  • Profilometric measurements
  • Interferometric measurements
  • AFM measurements
  • Measurement of surface potential
  • Measurement of Youngs Modulu

Particles & Particle Counters


  • Calibration of particle counters
  • Reference particles
  • Size certification of nanoparticles

Optical radiometry


  • Calibration of detectors / power meters
  • Calibration of fiber optic attenuators
  • Calibration of optical spectrum analyzers
  • OTDR distance calibrations
  • Radiometric measurements



    • Calibration of roughness meters
    • Calibration of roughness standards
    • Calibration of optomechanical perforated plates
    • Roughness measurements



    • Calibration of thermometers
    • Calibration of dry block calibrators
    • Calibration of data loggers
    • Calibration of Pt100 sensors
    • Calibration of thermocouple sensors
    • Calibration of NTC sensors
    • Calibration of transmitters
    • In situ calibrations

      Thermometry – Non-Contact (IR)


      • Calibration of pyrometers
      • Calibration of calibrators
      • Calibration of thermography cameras
      • Calibration of blackbody
      • Emissivity measurements
      • In situ calibrations



      • Calibration of barometers
      • Calibration of digital manometers
      • Calibration of pressure transmitters
      • Calibration of pressure transducers
      • Calibration of pressure calibrators
      • In situ calibrations

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