Measurement range

Accredited measurement range:

Size: 0.5 mm – 1000 mm

If you want calibration outside these areas, contact us for more information.

Measurement range

Accredited measurement area:

Size: 0 mm – 1000 mm

If you want calibration outside these areas, contact us for more information.



Accredited calibrations and tests are performed under DANAK accreditation reg. No. 255 and our ISO 9001 certified quality system.

Calibration of gauge blocks

Interferometric calibration

For interferometric calibration, the measuring blocks are assumed to be made of steel, carbide or ceramic and to comply with the requirements of ISO3650 or equivalent. The minimum measurement uncertainty requires the calibration of at least 4 original measuring blocks from the same set, each with a nominal length of more than 3 mm and a total length of maximum 100 mm.


Mechanical calibration

Mechanical calibration is performed by comparison with an equivalent guage block calibrated interferometrically. Mechanical calibration is faster than interferometric calibration and does not require the same high standards of the guage blocks. The measurement uncertainty is typically a factor of two larger. It is possible to have a five-point calibration carried out as per. ISO3650, allowing the flatness of the surfaces to be estimated. For mechanical calibration with comparator, DFM has gauge blocks in steel and carbide in most common metric lengths.

Calibration of distance sensors and actuators

DFM can calibrate many different types of distance sensors and actuators used to measure or perform linear displacements.

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