National Laboratory for Mass

Services at primary level

DFM is the national laboratory for mass calibrations and traceable to DFM’s primary standard and is the highest measuring body for mass in Denmark. The calibrations are traceable to the international kilogram prototype stored at BIPM via the Danish kilogram prototype no. 48.

We work constant to develop new services that are in demand by Danish companies but also to improve existing services.

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Calibration of weights

DFM can calibrate weights in different classes with a nominal mass in the range 1 mg – 20 kg. In the calibration, the mass of the weights and the conventional value are determined.

Accredited calibration in the area:

Nominal mass: 1 mg – 20 kg

Classification: E1, E2, F1, F2 or equivalent

If you want calibration outside these areas, contact us for more information.

Accredited calibrations are performed in accordance with DANAK Accreditation Reg. Nr. 255 as well as our internally ISO 9001 certified quality system.

Contact person

Lars Nielsen

Senior Scientist, Mass and Data analysis
+45 2545 9016


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