Roughness meters

Measurement range

Accredited calibration in the area:

Size (Ra, Rq): 0.2 µm – 2 µm

Size (Rz, Rt): 1.5 µm – 10 µm

If you want calibration outside these areas, contact us for more information.



Accredited calibrations and tests are performed under DANAK accreditation reg. No. 255 and our ISO 9001 certified quality system.

Calibration of roughness meters

DFM can calibrate all types of roughness meters. We offer three different types of calibrations:

  • Parameter calibration
  • Amplification calibration
  • Total calibration

The design of the current roughness meter determines which type of calibration should be chosen. Common to these calibrations is that they are performed for contiguous keys and gain steps.

Testing the key

DFM offers testing of the key on handheld roughness meters. The test determines whether the radius of curvature of the key r < 3.5 µm. The test is traceable to internationally recognised standards and is added to the calibration certificate.

Contact person

Cristian A. Davidsen

Calibration Technician, Nano
+45 2545 9053


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